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E-Z Sign Company has been helping businesses across the Chicagoland area with recognizable brand identities for decades. Our electric signs will help your business grow & identify with your customers.  The most effective way to get your business recognized, channel letters signs are dimensional signs that contain letters and logos with a lot of color options, that reflect your brand image and help your business to stand out in a professional manner.

Channel letter signs are durable and weatherproof especially for the Chicagoland area. Channel letters and logos signs are LED-lit, which is very bright and saves energy. With hundreds of color options and different fonts and sizes, channel letters will bring your business brand to life and raise your brand awareness.  Channel letter signs are the most effective dimensional signs that will bring more customers to your business,  it’s one of the most important investments in your business and considered the most effective marketing way that will grow your business by raising its visibility.

Channel Letters -- Signs & Signage

Channel letter signs can be produced in almost any font, color or size. This flexibility permits channel letter specifications to be matched exactly to your needs. Channel letter signs project a very professional image. That is why many building and shopping center owners insist on channel letter signs for their developments.

Why Channel Letter Signs For My Business?

The most effective piece of advertisement that you can add to your brand, over 80% of your customers recognize your business from your front signage, channel letters have a 160-degree angle of visibility and it is very easy to read from any direction, the 3D look make the letters easy to read and the right design using the limit-less color and lighting option make it stand out and is an investment for your Chicagoland business.

Channel Letter Signs Types:

  •  Front illuminated -- This type is when the letters or logos have a translucent face,   acrylic or polycarbonate that allow the light to go through it
  • Halo Lit or Backlit -- This type is when the back of the letter is translucent and allow the light to flow to the back surface of the letter or logo
  • Front & Back-Lit -- This is when the front and the back of the letter and logo are translucent and can allow the light to go through them
  • Openface -- This is when the face of the letter or logo is open (exposed) and the neon or LED or internal lit shape is showing
  • Custom Illuminated -- This usually depends on the design and  the environment where the sign will be installed
  • Self-Contained Letters & Logos -- This when the return is expanded to contain the whole sign or part of it to make it one piece or more rather than individual letters or shapes
  • Multi-layers Channel Letter Signs -- That could be by adding a larger aluminum plate behind the letters to work as a shadow or a surface that light casts on in case of backlit or per design requirement
  • Backplate Channel Letter Signs -- Back plate shaped as the letters or logo slightly larger in size to an outline effect to letters

A standard channel letter is a three-dimensional graphic sign element. Its channel is fabricated from sheet metal, most often aluminum since it will not rust. A flat sheet of aluminum is typically cut on a table by a computer-controlled router.

Channel Letter Types

Two of the most popular types of channel letter signage are Face Lit channel letters and Reverse lit channel letters. Face Lit channel letters provide a bright and easily distinguishable identity in a wide array of colors which can be customized in a multitude of ways. Reverse lit channel letter light from behind, creating a glowing halo effect. E-Z Sign Company can also produce other custom forms of channel letters including Face Lit, Back Lit Letters, Exposed Neon Letters & Day/Night Channel Letters.

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