Custom Government Signs

Government Signs

Whether you are a city, county, state or even a federal governmental body, signage is an important part of your buildings aesthetic. We have extensive experience in signage for all levels of government and the many departments found within. Whether it is an impressive exterior sign, commemorative metal plaque, or “Serve & Protect” lettering, government institutions require a variety of signage.

Types of Government Signs

Building Signs – As with non-governmental entities, we design, permit, fabricate and install a comprehensive variety of all types of illuminated and non-illuminated exterior building signs for government institutions.

ADA Compliant Signs – Of all buildings, government buildings should have the most up-to-date ADA signage.  After all, governments make the laws and they should, if anyone should, make sure their buildings are ADA compliant.

Interior Signs – Government buildings often have a variety of dimensional interior lettering. These are typically metals letters in either a gold or bronze finish.  Departmental wall signs are often dimensional letters, routed from a variety of materials and adorned with many different finishes. Colorful displays show off the latest city project, and can be changed out as time goes by with more recent projects.

Monument Signs – Most government buildings also have monument signs.  Whether these are made of concrete, stucco coated aluminum, or even a simple sandblasted wood signs, the designs, colors and construction mediums of these signs are endless.  Let us help you determine the best choice possible given the building aesthetics, compliance with city codes, and the purpose and utility of your sign.

Get Exceptional Custom Road & Traffic Signs

Get high-quality street signage for your business. Choose a standard road sign or design your own personalized sign. E-Z Sign Company is your one-stop-shop for everything from parking signs to street signs in the Chicagoland area. Make your premises safer with signs that meet DOT standards.

We work with organizations across the city for signage:

  • Construction companies
  • Roadworks
  • Municipal bodies
  • Businesses
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Golf courses
  • Airports
  • Neighborhood Watch associations
  • Provincial parks

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