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The sign for your business should be an accurate representation of your company’s brand that gives customers & passersby the right 1st impression. Lighted signs are an excellent tool to help you make that eye-catching impact, and have been popular with business owners for  decades. However, if your lighted signs are well-designed but have been in place for so long that they’ve become out-dated?  Is that the image you want?  Retrofit lighting is the process of switching out less-efficient lighting structures to a more energy-efficient solution. You will end up saving money in two ways:

  1. Lower power bill (electricity bill)
  2. Maintenance costs over time

With LED sign retrofitting from E-Z Sign Company, you can preserve the classic look your business signage has become known for and modernize it for newer, more contemporary audiences.  Our retrofit signs will help your business become more attractive & energy-efficient, without having to complete a costly overhaul of your commercial signage.

Retrofit Sign Fabrication Process

The custom sign fabrication process for all of our projects starts with an initial meeting with E-Z Sign Company.  During our meeting, we will discuss what you have in mind for your retrofit sign and the goals you hope to accomplish with the final product.

You may want to keep everything the same about your lighted business sign and simply replace the hardware with LED alternatives that waste less energy and lower utility costs. However you may wish to keep the blueprint of your existing signage, but choose to update the colors or select design elements during LED retrofitting for a more modern look. If you come to decide you want to remove your signs and start over with a brand-new LED display, we can do that.

Once we have determined how to retrofit your signs to best fit your company’s needs, we will implement your vision into a high-quality business sign that can represent your business for many years to come.

LED Retrofit Sign Repair & Maintenance

An outdated business sign is not the only one in need of a little servicing. A newly-built sign will need to be repaired or refurbished, and the same goes for a retrofitted signage.  It might be seasonal weather that knocks it out of place or a few lightbulbs that have burned out, but your retrofitted LED sign is eventually going to see damage. When that happens, E-Z Sign Company in Mokena, IL. will be here for you!


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